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Habeas Corpus (The Musical)

You have to be able to sing if you're to get the lead in this VERY twisted musical. It is being planned to be released as R rated, but post your audition on You Tube so no nudity.  We need full chorus members and interns who can dance and sing for the giant production numbers, but we are mostly looking for the female lead who is hiding out from being killed by bad guys and gals.  She imagines that she is in a musical to pass the time she is spending in hiding.  Over 18.

Miss Liberty

The only audition we are hosting for teen-agers.  We have been spending the last year or more to find a group of female musician/singer/actor/dancers who can REALLY perform and maybe even write some songs for the wonderful, uplifting musical about an all-girl band that literally saves the world!!!! Lots and lots of fun.  The ages of the band members can be as young as 12.  Remember, if you're under 18, you will need you parents permission for every step of the process including posting on You Tube.  You must send us a picture of yourself, a resume of what you've done before, if anything, your age and a way to contact your parents as your first step.
other actors who are over 18 who wish to audition and crew and intern inquiries will be over 18 and handled as normal.   Post a  video,not high production values, just you playing so we can see that you're really doing it into the camera  and of you singing, preferably a song you made up yourself AFTER we have spoken with your parents or guardians.

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