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Release Procedure

You are either a guard or a detainee at a terrorist holding center inside the USA.  The operation is Top Secret.  Detainees and Guards will consist of both males and females, USA citizens and foreigners, muslims and non-muslims.  Put on a black or green t-shirt to audition as Guard. Put on an Orange or Yellow t-shirt for a detainee audition.  Enhanced interrogation methods WILL be used.  That means sleep deprivation, sensory overload, sense deprivation, cold and hot stress to the body, forced standing, etc.  Pretend to be being interogated or interrogating.  The detainee is, of course, innocent always.  The Guard can either be non-governmental in black t-shirt or armed forces in green t-shirt.  Put audition on You Tube (no nudity) after getting more details by contacting us.Over 18 only.  Send us resume,if any, recent pics, and link to your audition youtube video.
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